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Electrostatic Painting

"We specialize in painting a wide variety of metal surfaces, including fencing, school lockers, grocery store cases, bathroom partitions, filing cabinets, elevator doors, wrought iron fences, and more. Our unique electrostatic painting technique involves adding an electrical charge to the paint, allowing it to cling seamlessly to the metal surface. This process is based on the principles of physics and provides a durable, long-lasting finish for your metal surfaces."

Electrostatic paint gun
our electro painting equipment

Laboratory repainting in Houston, TX


Electrostatic painting benefits:

  • An even smooth paint coat over all the metal, Unlike Paint Brushes that leave drips and streaks!

  • All painting can be done on site at your convenience

  • Always Free written estimates

  • Recycle your equipment at the fraction of the cost of replacing it  

  • Custom colors, we can match your choice.

  • Environmentally green friendly

  • Industrial grade paint, with superior adhesion on painting 

  • No work for you, just pick a work date and time.

  • Very little overspray up to 95 to 98% transfer efficiency.

Electrostatic paint process

The electrostatic paint gun shoots out a positive charge that is transferred into the paint.  This electric current carry's the paint, that will automatically be attracted to  metal objects. The process is also strengthen, when we attach from our machine a negative wire to our metal we are painting.. This makes this painting, unlike no other. Even any over-sprayed paint with be pulled back, "wrap around" and bond to the metal! Leaving an even beautiful drip free painted finish with little to no overspray!

Our Paint

The type of coatings we use will vary, from epoxy to urethane. The one we will use will depend on if it's for interior or exterior use. The paint quality in most cases will exceed the original paint finish. We only use the best industrial paints for our painting.

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